Hakone Ropeway

Blessed by its wonderful natural environment, superb scenery, and an abundance of natural hot springs, Hakone is one of the leading tourist attractions in Japan. The Hakone Ropeway service operates at approximately one-minute intervals, and the 30-minute journey from Sounzan Station to Togendai Station, which nestles on the shore of Lake Ashi, allows visitors toContinue reading “Hakone Ropeway”

Harajuku: LINE Friends Store

Are you a “LINE FRIENDS” buff like me? What are you waiting for? Head to Harajuku! For those who don’t know yet, allow me to share this. LINE is a common messaging application in Japan. LINE Friends is the character brand of LINE. It consists of eleven main characters. They are popular because of theirContinue reading “Harajuku: LINE Friends Store”

Recommended Japanese Eats

Are you a foodie and would love to try various food especially Japanese food? As a Filipino, they taste foreign to me. Nonetheless, they taste more than fine. Surpassed my expectations! Here are some I would recommend you to try.  1. Ramen Very famous Japanese food. It comes with different kinds of soup such asContinue reading “Recommended Japanese Eats”