Bustling Shinjuku

April 30. 2017 Shinjuku They said that an unplanned visit is way better than a planned one. Oh boy, that was exactly what happened today! I thought I would just stay home and be a couch potato for the whole Sunday. That was when one of my colleagues asked if we want to go toContinue reading “Bustling Shinjuku”

Applying for a Tourist Visa to Japan: A Step-by-Step Guide

Planning a trip to Japan as a tourist and feeling uncertain about securing a tourist visa? Worry not! Here are some valuable tips based on personal experience to guide you through the process. Requirements: Things to remember Sponsored visa I traveled to Japan as a tourist with a guarantor, my boyfriend. He had been workingContinue reading “Applying for a Tourist Visa to Japan: A Step-by-Step Guide”

Nagasaki~A Special Place

  Nagasaki. Why is it a special place for me? Read on… It is still as clear as crystal when my boyfriend told me that he would introduce me to his family. That means going to the Land of the Rising Sun~ Japan🇯🇵. He is a Japanese and I am a Filipino, by the way. HisContinue reading “Nagasaki~A Special Place”