WiFi for Rent in Thailand: Smile WiFi Rental

Technology has dramatically changed over the years. High-end mobile devices are commonly used by consumers or users anywhere in the world. Let’s say you may be on the top of a mountain or a submarine and yet you’re connected to a Wireless connection. Cool! We all wanna be connected to the internet and share to the world our experience. Travelling abroad is one of the nice experiences that you definitely would wanna share to inspire. But how can you do that? Yes, you need the INTERNET.

Damnoen Saduak Floating Market: The Biggest Floating Market in Bangkok

Considered as one of the main tourist attractions in Thailand is the floating markets. The bread and butter of this country comes from its main source which is the river. That being said, don’t be surprised if you can find many where you can hop on to the very colorful boats and glide through the waterways. Experience the traditional way of shopping in Thailand in the largest floating market found in the downtown of Bangkok.

AVANI Riverside Hotel Bangkok Review

One of the things we consider when traveling is the accommodation. Sometimes, we based it on our budget. Sometimes, we don’t care the cost as long as it gives us comfort.