Seeking a hotel that offers the convenience of cooking facilities, laundry amenities, and comfortable mobility for an extended stay of over a week, my husband discovered that Tokyu Stay Hotel was an excellent choice. Allow me to share our review. LOCATION Situated along the road in the vibrant Tenjin area of Fukuoka, this hotel boastsContinue reading “TOKYU STAY HOTEL TENJIN, FUKUOKA REVIEW”

Souvenirs to Take Home From Japan

Here are some popular souvenirs to consider taking home from Japan. These items capture the essence of Japanese craftsmanship, beauty, and culture, making them excellent choices for souvenirs. Matcha Green Tea Japan is renowned for its high-quality matcha. You can find matcha tea in various forms, including powder, tea bags, and sweets. Japanese Snacks ExploreContinue reading “Souvenirs to Take Home From Japan”

Admiring Japan, Part 2: Unveiling More Wonders

In the first part of this series, we journeyed through Japan and explored some of the aspects that make this country truly admiring and remarkable. From punctuality to the warm embrace of ‘omotenashi,’ we began to scratch the surface of the countless reasons to admire Japan.