Exploring the stark differences between expectations and reality in Japan became an intriguing topic when suggested by a former colleague. However, as someone who has lived in Japan for several years, I’ve grown accustomed to the exquisiteness of life here, making it a bit challenging to revisit my initial expectations. Despite the challenge, let’s delveContinue reading “JAPAN: EXPECTATION VS REALITY”

Things I Struggle With as a Foreigner in Japan

What are the things I struggle with as a foreigner in Japan? In this blog post, I want to take you on a candid exploration of my journey as a foreigner in Japan. This is a tale marked by cultural clashes and quiet victories, a firsthand account of the things I grapple with as IContinue reading “Things I Struggle With as a Foreigner in Japan”

Dawson’s Creek Gave Me These Realizations

I’m listening to some songs from the ’90s right now while looking at this photo, and this flood of emotions just washed over me. Watching movies and TV series which were famous in the ’90s has become a hobby of mine.