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Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage Application Between Japanese and Filipino Nationals

If a Japanese national wants to marry a Filipino national, he needs to undergo the process of acquiring some documents needed. There are four steps to follow for the procedures and acquiring documents related to the process.

General Overview of the Procedures and Requirements Related to the Marriage Process

1. Apply and receive a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage.
(This can be done at the embassy of Japan in the Philippines (Manila) or Consular Offices of Japan in Cebu and Davao).

2. Apply and receive a Marriage License.
(at the city hall of the municipality where the Philippine National resides).

3. Legally marry, sign the Marriage Contract and forward to local civil registry.

4. Submit a report of Marriage form to the appropriate Japanese officials (either to the city hall of Japanese national’s place of residence or the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines (Manila) or Consular Offices of Japan in Cebu or Davao).

Necessary Documents for Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage Application

Let us focus on the first step which is to apply for a Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage from the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines ( Manila) or Consular Offices of Japan in Davao or Cebu). Necessary documents are as follows.

For Japanese National:

1. Certified True Copy of Japanese Family Register (Koseki Tohon 戸籍謄本) within three months from date of issue.

2. Original and valid Japanese passport.

Written consent to marry from the parents or legal guardian of the applicant if he or she is below 20 years old.

Japanese males below the age of 18 and or Japanese females below the age of 16 are not eligible for marriage.

For Philippine National:

1. Certified True Copy of Birth Certificate (with original stamp or seal if a true copy, from PSA (former NSO) or Local Civil Registrar)

If Birth Certificate is unreadable, please present a valid passport, any valid government issued photo ID (Driver’s License, Postal ID etc) or Baptismal Certificate.

Filipino nationals below the age of 18 are not eligible for marriage.

Our Experience:

Since my husband and I are both based in Cebu, we processed our application in the Consulate of Japan in Keppel Center Cebu. We brought and submitted all the documents at Counter 2. We went there early so the process was smooth. For less than an hour, we finished our goal. A day after, we got the Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage. Very quick. For those of you who are confused what this document is, it’s their version of CENOMAR which is to certify that they’re single and is qualified to get married.

Chance favors only those who court her.
Charles Nicolle

A flower and a quote to inspire you. Good luck on your marriage procedures!

Consulate Office of Japan in Cebu


7th Floor Keppel Center Samar Loop cor Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu Business Park, Cebu City Philippines

I’m not in any way affiliated or connected with the Embassy of Japan in the Philippines. This is based on experience. Some data are based on the guidelines handed to us.

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23 thoughts on “Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage Application Between Japanese and Filipino Nationals”

  1. Thank you po 🙂 last question na po ma’am. Pati din po ba sa consulate office ng manila hindi na kaylangan ng appointment ? 🙂

      1. Hi Ms. Bethy! I’m sorry to bother you but how many Koseki Tohon did you provide for the entire wedding process? My fiancé has only one copy but do you we should provide one more? Thanks

        1. Hi! No problem. I’m glad to be of help. We only provided one copy of the Koseki Touhon. But I suggest you request for two copies from the embassy.

  2. Hi, your article is really helpful but can I ask how long did it take for you to get the marriage license?

      1. Thank you so much. So there is a possibility for us to get it hopefully in less than 10 days. どうもありがとうございます

  3. Hi. Ask ko lang, baka alam mo po. Paano po kaya kung di ko kasama fiance ko. Nasa Japan po kasi sya di sya makakauwi dahil sa work nya. Pwede kaya na doon sya kumuha ng Certificate sa Japan? Ihonor or recognize ba yun dito sa Philippines kahit ang issuance ay sa Japan? Sa wedding na lang po kasi sya makauwi.

    1. Hi, Miss Mira! I’m sorry I just noticed your comment. The certificate po is to be issued sa Pilipinas hindi sa Japan. Pero the Family Registry need galing sa Japan at yun ang babasehan nla para sa certificate na ok sya mgpa-kasal.

  4. Hi,just wanna ask how long does it take to process for japanese family register?my boyfriend have already but need to translate in english if we want to get married in philippines..

    1. Only one day. Your boyfriend can translate it on his own if he knows. There’s no need to hire a translator. My husband translated the documents that need to be translated on his own.:)

  5. Hi need po bang mag submit ng birth certificate yung Japanese para sa application pf marriage sa city hall?

  6. hello po…ilang days po ang process if we want to get married..he is a japanese citizen also..we are planning on december..but i just have a short vacation …what are the process and how many days is the shortest time..i’ll appreciate your answer and thankful

    1. If you’re asking about the whole process, it took us about two months for the preparation. We had a church wedding so there were more documents required especially for the church. In your case, you still have a lot of time for the preparation. Thanks for dropping by. I’m so glad. Please send me a message on my Facebook page if you have more questions.:)

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