African Safari Beppu— My Close-Up Encounters With The Animals

I went to African Safari Beppu in the scenic Oita Prefecture of Japan. It was such a cool experience! Unlike regular zoos, you get to go on a safari right from your vehicle or a guided tour bus, so you feel like you’re right there in Africa. I got to see some amazing animals upContinue reading “African Safari Beppu— My Close-Up Encounters With The Animals”

Celebrating Love at Hoshino Resorts Kai Beppu

On our wedding anniversary, my husband reserved a stay at a beautiful resort hotel a whole month in advance. It’s quite unusual to find a beach resort in Japan, but onsen resorts are common. Onsen resorts are exactly what we like, hence, Hoshino Resorts Kai Beppu, a luxurious hot spring hotel, is our choice. WeContinue reading “Celebrating Love at Hoshino Resorts Kai Beppu”

Hotel Kintetsu Universal City— Hotel Review

I’m writing a delayed review for Hotel Kintetsu Universal City, the hotel where we stayed during our visit to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka. I’ve been to USJ multiple times, but this was my first experience staying in a hotel within the amusement park. Here are my candid thoughts. Introduction Hotel Kintetsu Universal City, locatedContinue reading “Hotel Kintetsu Universal City— Hotel Review”