An Outdoor Onsen, A Secluded Villa, Kaze no Mori Got You

Having hailed from a place where sandy shores are the norm, I’ve found myself captivated by the serene allure of Japanese onsen retreats, particularly those boasting private outdoor onsen experiences. This penchant recently led us to a remarkable find: Kaze no Mori.


Trust me, you will thank yourself for reading this post about the things you must know before your anticipated trip to Japan. LONG STAIRS Be prepared for Japan’s long stairs, especially in train stations. These staircases can be challenging, especially with heavy luggage. Traveling with minimal luggage can make navigating these staircases more manageable andContinue reading “THINGS YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE VISITING JAPAN”

Admiring Japan, Part 2: Unveiling More Wonders

In the first part of this series, we journeyed through Japan and explored some of the aspects that make this country truly admiring and remarkable. From punctuality to the warm embrace of ‘omotenashi,’ we began to scratch the surface of the countless reasons to admire Japan.