Hotel Mystays Fukuoka Tenjin Minami Review

Hey there! If you’re looking for some useful insights to help you find a great hotel, I’m happy to lend a hand. I recently stayed at Hotel Mystays Fukuoka Tenjin Minami and I’d love to share my experience with you. Hopefully, my review will make your hotel search a little easier! LOCATION Nestled in theContinue reading “Hotel Mystays Fukuoka Tenjin Minami Review”

Souvenirs to Take Home From Japan

Here are some popular souvenirs to consider taking home from Japan. These items capture the essence of Japanese craftsmanship, beauty, and culture, making them excellent choices for souvenirs. Matcha Green Tea Japan is renowned for its high-quality matcha. You can find matcha tea in various forms, including powder, tea bags, and sweets. Japanese Snacks ExploreContinue reading “Souvenirs to Take Home From Japan”

Two-Day Mt. Aso Adventure in Kumamoto, Japan

In our quest to avoid the crowd, we drove to Kumamoto on a Monday morning from Nagasaki Prefecture for a two-day Mt. Aso adventure. The approximately three-hour journey led us to our Ryokan. Aware that check-in wasn’t immediate, we had already planned how to spend our time wisely. Here’s our itinerary, hoping it inspires yourContinue reading “Two-Day Mt. Aso Adventure in Kumamoto, Japan”