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I Stopped Using Elixir Lifting Emulsion Ex I

Before telling you why I stopped using the Elixir Lifting Emulsion Ex I, please hear me out. Please don’t raise your brows at me yet.

Elixir is an anti-aging brand of Shiseido that I’ve been using for over three years. Although my first-hand experience with one of their products was a bit of a worry because of the reaction I got, I continued on using it. So why did I keep on using it when red spots were all over my face the first time that I applied it? As panicked as I was at the time, giving it the benefit of the doubt, bore good results. I knew it’s too strong for my skin type, but it has never damaged my face. In fact, my skin condition has improved. Not that I have an abnormal skin type. I am one of the lucky ones. I don’t break out in pimples.

Going back to the product, I was using Elixir Lifting Emulsion Ex II at the time for two years until last month. Seeing the empty bottle, I thought why not try another type? Here’s the thing whenever I try another product of Elixir, I always worry about the reaction my skin gets. I experienced that twice for the Emulsion Ex II and the Oyasumi Mask. So you see where I’m coming from. Then again, I like giving someone or something the benefit of the doubt. So, I came home with my new purchase, the Elixir Lifting Emulsion Ex I.

Elixir Lifting Emulsion Ex I Review

Product Features

  • 120ml
  • 3500 円 (the price varies from the store)
  • moist type
  • Claims to make your skin firm and plump.
  • It has a collagen extract to make your skin smooth.
  • It has a faint floral scent
  • Non-sticky.

I purchased this product a week after I emptied my favorite Elixir Lifting Emulsion Ex II. The sales clerk explained to us that this is milder and that it absorbs easily. The word ’milder’ sounds persuasive as there’s a good chance my skin will not react to it.

So what happened? Why does the title of this post say something otherwise? To be fair, I’m gonna tell you both the good and the bad points.


  1. It’s lightweight. I like that it’s non-sticky.
  2. It absorbs quickly as it claims to be.
  3. It doesn’t make the face oily.
  4. I like how it brings about the smoothness of my skin.
  5. Fragrance-free products are best as they say, but the light whiff of that floral scent is a yes to me.


  1. As I mentioned, I don’t break out in pimples. And yet, after using it, I noticed something itchy. I thought it was just an insect bite so I dismissed that. But, after three days, the itch continued on. Upon checking in the mirror, appeared some pimple-like spots. That was it, I stopped using the product.


The title says it all. I’m sorry Elixir Lifting Emulsion Ex I, I couldn’t take extra risks so I had to stop using you. Don’t get me wrong, Elixir is a brand I vouch for. It just that this particular product wasn’t friendly to my skin.

To be fair though, despite the effects it had on me, I would like you to give it a shot because we have unique skin types. It should work on some of you. I simply happen to have a sensitive skin type susceptible to strong chemicals. Still, I don’t know exactly why it didn’t work out on me because the other products did. It’s a shame I have to dispose of the bottle which isn’t even half-empty.

In the meantime, I guess I’ll be happily stuck with my Curél products.

Disclaimer: This isn’t sponsored.

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