Send a Balikbayan Box From Japan to the Philippines

Sending a balikbayan box from Japan to the Philippines turned out to be surprisingly hassle-free, all thanks to Transtech. This courier company has proven its reliability, having successfully handled my packages on two separate occasions without a hitch.

No need to fret about language barriers, as the website is in English, and the staff is proficient in both Tagalog and English.

Steps to Send the Balikbayan Box

Here’s a step-by-step guide to successfully sending your Balikbayan box:

Step One: Order the box

Visit their website to order the box. They require you to use their designated boxes, which come in various sizes: compact, premium, cube, and super value. The pricing depends on the size, with larger boxes costing more.

The website will prompt you to specify the box’s destination in Japan, where the empty box should be delivered, and the destination in the Philippines where the box should be sent after packing. This information is crucial as it forms the basis for the bills you’ll need to settle in the next step.

This is the guide for the box size and the delivery charges.

Step Two: Await the Arrival of the Box and Begin Packing

After placing your order, patiently wait for the empty box to be delivered. Once it arrives, you can commence the packing process. However, it’s crucial to keep in mind some important rules while packing.

  • Inside the box, you’ll find a set of documents, including a manual. Take the time to read it carefully, paying close attention to the list of prohibited items. It’s crucial not to include any restricted items in the box to avoid potential issues, as both Japan and the Philippines have strict regulations in this regard. So, make sure to read the manual thoroughly before you start packing.
  • An essential step while packing your balikbayan box is to create a detailed list of all the items, including their prices and quantities. You’ll need this information for the export declaration and packing list. It’s crucial to be thorough in documenting your items to avoid the hassle of unpacking later due to missing or undocumented items.
  • Ensure that you adhere to the weight limit specified for your box, which is determined by its size. Avoid over-packing to prevent making the box excessively bulky.

Step Three: Pay

You can pay the bill either after packing or even if you’re not done yet. To determine the amount to pay, check the papers that came with the box. There should be a bill included, which will look like this.

This the balikbayan box bill.
This is how the bill looks like.

As you may remember, I mentioned that the price depends on the box’s size and the destination. Here’s a quick breakdown of how I calculated the total cost.

I selected the cube-sized box, with Kyushu as the destination for the empty box. The packed box, on the other hand, is bound for the Visayas region in the Philippines. Have a look at the photo below. I paid 2,000 yen for the box sent to Kyushu, along with an additional 11,000 yen for the delivery charge to the Philippines. In total, I paid 13,000 yen.

Where do you pay the bills of payment?

You can process the payment at any of the convenience stores listed on the bill. I made my payment at a Family Mart branch, in case you were wondering.

Step Four: Schedule a pickup for the balikbayan box.

When you’re done packing and paying for the bill, the box is ready for pickup. Schedule a pickup for the Balikbayan box by calling them or using their website to process the pickup request.

No need to worry if you have a hectic schedule because Transtech offers a flexible pick-up schedule. You can choose the date and time that suits you best for them to collect your balikbayan box. This convenience is especially helpful for those with busy work commitments.

By the way, don’t forget to place the list of items in the plastic pouch attached outside the box.

Attach the declaration list here.

Delivery Time to the Philippines

It takes approximately four to seven weeks for the box to arrive, depending on the destination region in the Philippines

Here are the specified details for each region:

  • Metro Manila- 4 weeks
  • Other parts of Luzon- 4-5 weeks
  • Visayas- 5-6 weeks
  • Mindanao- 5-7 weeks
  • Other islands- 5-7 weeks

Keep in mind that after the box is picked up, it won’t be immediately sent to the Philippines. Instead, it undergoes inspection at their warehouse in Tokyo. As a result, you shouldn’t start counting down from the pickup day. Additionally, they won’t notify you when it’s shipped, so all you can do is await its arrival at the recipient’s doorstep.

In my experience, the balikbayan box arrived after eight to nine weeks from the day they picked it up. Unfortunately, I don’t have the exact shipment date, but it seems that the box might have been held up in the warehouse, leading to the extended delivery time.

Have you ever sent a balikbayan box from Japan to the Philippines? How did it go? Did you use Transtech?

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