Beach Buggy Adventure in Cebu

While I’m a little scaredy-cat in terms of extreme sports, it doesn’t mean I won’t try. Driving a buggy for others might not be an extreme activity to do but for me it is. Why? It requires strength, agility, and focus. I don’t know how to drive a car. I only tried how to start a car when my cousin taught me using my uncle’s car. It was hard! It might not be that complicated for a buggy but that thing is really heavy. I’m petite which means it’s something I worried about. Still, I went my way and nailed it!

It was harder than when I drove one in Bohol. The recent experience included obstacles, rougher terrains. There were hills that I had to conquer. The last one had gotten me into getting a bruise. I pressed the accelerator too much that the buggy jumped higher and landed with an impact. Nevertheless, I was all smiling. I was so proud of myself.

Important Details Such as Admission Fees

Let’s get into details. If you happen to explore Cebu and like to drive a buggy with the barkada or best buddies, you should head to Mactan Newtown Beach formerly Portofino. Yes, you read that right. A beach. They offer different activities which include this one.


Buggy or ATV

  • 450pesos for 15mins per person

Entrance or Admission Fee

  • weekdays 150 pesos per adult
  • weekend 200 pesos per adult
  • free for kids

What to Do After Driving the Buggy or ATV?

If you get exhausted after driving, you can go to the beach front, sip a glass of fresh juice and take in the sea view.

Drive safely! Hope this post is helpful.✨

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