Where To See Cherry Blossoms in Nagasaki Prefecture

As spring graces us with its gentle touch, hearts brim with anticipation for the breathtaking spectacle of Sakura, or Cherry blossoms, adorning Nagasaki. Over my five-year tenure as a Nagasaki resident, I’ve roamed enchanting avenues blanketed in these ethereal blooms, where both locals and visitors unite for the timeless tradition of Ohanami, or Cherry blossomContinue reading “Where To See Cherry Blossoms in Nagasaki Prefecture”

Canal City Fukuoka Washington Hotel— A Review

I’ve stayed at Canal City Fukuoka Washington Hotel probably more than five times. My husband and I like this hotel as it is located in the famous shopping mall— Canal City. Parking When it comes to parking in the city, it’s always a bit of an adventure, right? Well, at Canal City Washington Hotel, we’veContinue reading “Canal City Fukuoka Washington Hotel— A Review”

An Outdoor Onsen, A Secluded Villa, Kaze no Mori Got You

Having hailed from a place where sandy shores are the norm, I’ve found myself captivated by the serene allure of Japanese onsen retreats, particularly those boasting private outdoor onsen experiences. This penchant recently led us to a remarkable find: Kaze no Mori.