African Safari Beppu— My Close-Up Encounters With The Animals

I went to African Safari Beppu in the scenic Oita Prefecture of Japan. It was such a cool experience! Unlike regular zoos, you get to go on a safari right from your vehicle or a guided tour bus, so you feel like you’re right there in Africa. I got to see some amazing animals up close, definitely an unforgettable experience!

What a nice way to welcome guests!

Admission Fee

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Jungle Bus Fare

If you choose to take the jungle bus, the fare is:

For more info and how to get there, please visit the website.

The Safari Experience

We opted for the self-drive safari. This option allows you to drive your own vehicle through the park, following a designated route. Alternatively, you can choose to join one of the park’s jungle buses. My husband took on the role of driver because I don’t know how to drive, giving me the freedom to fully immerse myself in the experience.

Close Encounters with Wildlife

As we drove into the safari zone, the first animal sightings were goats. These friendly creatures set a gentle tone for the journey ahead. However, this tranquility was quickly contrasted by the sight of black bears and a solitary, sleeping brown bear. Watching these powerful animals was both awe-inspiring and humbling.

Hello there!
Hi there, sleepyhead!

Predator Observations

Some of them going close to the bus.
He’s a loner.

The next section brought us face-to-face with some of Africa’s most formidable predators. Lions lounged lazily in the shade, some of them reacting to the tour bus coming close to them. It was amazing to see the lions engage in a staring contest with us. Despite their calm appearance, we were aware of how chaotic they can become when provoked.

Must be a couple.

We then proceeded to the tigers. The tigers were simply lounging around, a magnificent white one and a classic brown tiger. As we moved on from the zebras, we stumbled upon the cheetahs. I was the first to notice them – it was truly amazing how well they blended in, we almost drove right past them without even realizing. They appeared to be watching us, calmly observing us while lying on the ground. They were almost motionless, and I couldn’t help but wonder what was going through their minds.

The tigers
The cheetahs

Unexpected Drama

The safari guides had emphasized the importance of keeping windows closed and not feeding the animals. This safety briefing proved crucial as a commotion arose when zebras started running towards us, I thought they would overrun the car. That was a scary, intense moment.

It doesn’t look scary here.

Yes, this happened right before we saw the cheetahs. A sudden burst of activity caught us by surprise! Zebras started playing and running towards us. This unexpected display of energy and spontaneity scared the h out of me, even though we were safely inside the car. It was a stark reminder of the raw, untamed nature of these animals, offering a glimpse into how they act and live in their natural habitat. Scary as it was, it was also thrilling to witness such unfiltered behavior.

Interactive Zones

At African Safari Beppu, visitors can safely interact with certain animals in interactive zones. In the petting area, my husband had the chance to pet the ponies, and we also got close to the kangaroos. I forgot the name, but there are animals of the rodent species, unlike the common rats, they are cute. My husband and I had the chance to pet them. These areas are particularly popular with children and provide a hands-on educational experience about animal care and behavior.

There are many kangaroos in this area.
I forgot the name.

Cat and dog lovers have cafes dedicated to them. Visitors pay a fee to enter. My husband and I visited the cat cafe and enjoyed petting cats from different countries, and breeds.

Grumpy cats are cute, aren’t they?

Facilities and Amenities

The park is well-equipped with amenities to ensure a comfortable visit. There are several rest areas, picnic spots, and restaurants offering a variety of food options. The souvenir shops feature a range of wildlife-themed merchandise, allowing visitors to take a piece of their safari adventure home with them.


I’ll definitely remember this: My trip to African Safari Beppu was amazing! It brought me so close to the animals and the whole experience was just incredible. The park really cares about giving you a real safari feel while also doing their part for conservation. It’s a must-visit for anyone who loves animals and adventure!

More photos of the animals I haven’t mentioned but we saw:

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