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How I Got Hold of My Japan Tourist Visa

Voila! Take a look at my visa.😍


Are you planning to go to Japan as a tourist and clueless how to get a hold of a visa? Be not a worrywart. Here are some tips of mine based on experience. Here is how I did it.📝



2.Two copies of 2×2 pictures

[white background]

3.Invitation Letter from the guarantor, if you have.

[with the red ribbon]


[over 6 months validity]

5.Photos to prove the relationship of the guarantor

6. Visa application form

[the travel agency will provide for it]

7.Bank statement of the tourist

[this is a supporting document]

8.Bank statement of the guarantor

[this is important]


Here is the thing. I traveled to Japan as a tourist with a guarantor, that is my boyfriend. He has been working in the Philippines for quite sometime. And I supposed that is why the process was smooth. The invitation letter he submitted to the travel agency need not a red ribbon from Japan’s government. He made the invitation letter in Cebu, printed it out and submitted it along with the other requirements. To prove that we are truly in a relationship, we handed over 20 photos of our travels. Since he was my guarantor, we made sure to get a bank certificate from his bank. I also got mine even though my bank statement was not necessary. His would suffice according to the agency. However, we made sure we had more than enough supporting documents. After gathering all necessary documents, we went to Friendship Travel and Tours (the agency). It is located in Oakridge Mandaue Cebu, City. They have a Japanese representative, which was good because my boyfriend could talk to her about visa details. We were attended well. After the process, I just waited.  The minimum number of waiting days is 2 or 3 days but since there were holidays that time, I had to wait for five days. That was not a problem though. I got a text message from the agency and was so grateful to God. It was approved. My two weeks request was granted. Yes, two weeks. It was my first time in Japan so he said that we should make the most of it, stay at his home longer and visit pretty sights. And so I did! That was the most memorable trip by far.🍁

Have questions on your mind? Feel free to ask me. Good luck on your visa process!🇯🇵


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