Exploring Korea Towns: A Glimpse of South Korea in Japan

South Korea has truly made a resounding impact on the global stage, primarily through the irresistible allure of K-pop, delectable cuisine, and captivating culture. As a result, throngs of eager tourists converge upon the enchanting land of South Korea. However, for those who have yet to set foot on its shores, some nations, such asContinue reading “Exploring Korea Towns: A Glimpse of South Korea in Japan”

Shinagawa Prince Hotel Review

Tokyo welcomed us with open arms, and our journey was made seamless by the harmonious blend of countless conveniences. Chief among them was the remarkable choice of our stay, the great Shinagawa Prince Hotel. Allow us to unveil the reasons behind our enthusiastic recommendation. Location This hotel is situated just a stone’s throw away fromContinue reading “Shinagawa Prince Hotel Review”

Finding English Books in Japan: Your Guide to Bookstores

Are you a fellow book lover, a foreigner navigating the literary landscape of Japan with no compass for English treasures? Fear not, for you’ve stumbled upon the right path. Just like you, I once roamed these bookish streets in search of English books, not just novels but also a wealth of English resources. Prepare toContinue reading “Finding English Books in Japan: Your Guide to Bookstores”