Admiring Japan, Part 2: Unveiling More Wonders

In the first part of this series, we journeyed through Japan and explored some of the aspects that make this country truly admiring and remarkable. From punctuality to the warm embrace of ‘omotenashi,’ we began to scratch the surface of the countless reasons to admire Japan.

Things I Admire About Japan: Top Favorites

Despite being here for just over five years, I’ve discovered and embraced numerous aspects that I particularly admire about life in this country. I have a lot more up my sleeves to share. Efficient Means of Transportation While my personal travels have been somewhat limited, a wealth of experiences while living here and testimonials fromContinue reading “Things I Admire About Japan: Top Favorites”

Things I Struggle With as a Foreigner in Japan

What are the things I struggle with as a foreigner in Japan? In this blog post, I want to take you on a candid exploration of my journey as a foreigner in Japan. This is a tale marked by cultural clashes and quiet victories, a firsthand account of the things I grapple with as IContinue reading “Things I Struggle With as a Foreigner in Japan”