Naminouo, The Café For People Who Love Rustic Ambience and Slow Living

I gasped and instantly fell in love with its rustic interior. It embodies the essence of the countryside: unpretentious and simple. Everything inside created a laid-back ambiance.

My First-Ever Private Onsen Experience in Fukudaya Hotel

My first-ever private onsen experience transpired only this Spring. We had a hectic winter months, working outside, standing until the late hours of the night in the freezing temperature. As a reward, my husband booked a room with an onsen in it. It was in the middle of the Golden Week holiday so the price was doubled. But we couldn’t care less as it was a much-needed respite.


To immerse in one of the most popular cultures in Japan, which is the ‘onsen’ aka bathing in a hot spring, one must abide by the bathing etiquette. There are strict rules one must pay attention to. The two most important and common rules are to strip into your birthday suit, and tattoos are taboo.