Getting the CFO Sticker in CFO Cebu

I wasted no time after receiving my visa. I immediately visited the CFO Office in Cebu knowing that it was the only document I needed to obtain my CFO sticker.


  1. passport
  2. visa
  3. CFO certificate
  4. two valid identification cards
  5. official receipt of the GCP

IDs: PRC, UMID, Voter’s, Philhealth ID or refer to the CFO website.

How did I get the CFO sticker?

I arrived at the CFO office at 1:00 PM with all the necessary documents in hand. Upon entering, a staff member inquired about my purpose and requested the required documents. They also provided me with a form to complete, which was similar to the one used during the GCP seminar. Once I finished filling it out, the staff at Counter 1 reviewed the form.

I patiently waited for a few minutes while the staff reviewed the data. When she returned, she handed me my passport, now adorned with the CFO sticker. To ensure everything was accurate, I carefully examined the details, especially the spelling. Avoiding even the slightest mistake on important documents is crucial, so double-checking is a must. With everything in order, I received my CFO sticker in less than thirty minutes, signifying that all my documents for Japan were now prepared. It was a tremendous relief!

The CFO sticker

Looking forward to entering Japan as an expat this time. Fingers crossed.

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  1. watanabe says:

    Hello I would like to ask if we can get the CFO here in Japan. is there a way?

    1. Beth says:

      Hello! I think, not. This is needed before you can enter and live in Japan or other countries, so I believe you have to do this process in the Philippines.

    2. Beth says:

      If you’re in Japan, I’m guessing you’re referring to someone in the Philippines who needs the CFO sticker. She or He needs to do it there.:)

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