Where To See Cherry Blossoms in Nagasaki Prefecture

As spring graces us with its gentle touch, hearts brim with anticipation for the breathtaking spectacle of Sakura, or Cherry blossoms, adorning Nagasaki. Over my five-year tenure as a Nagasaki resident, I’ve roamed enchanting avenues blanketed in these ethereal blooms, where both locals and visitors unite for the timeless tradition of Ohanami, or Cherry blossom viewing. Join me as I reveal the cherished spots where one can immerse in the fleeting beauty of these blossoms, each petal a testament to nature’s boundless artistry.

Moriyama’s Tunnel

Moriyama’s Tunnel stays true to its name, albeit not in the conventional sense of a vehicle tunnel. Rather, it’s a road embraced by Sakura trees, forming a captivating canopy resembling a tunnel adorned with cherry blossoms. Parking is unavailable, but brief stops can be made in certain corners, though it’s difficult, especially during peak season. Therefore, taking a leisurely pace allows travelers to immerse themselves in the breathtaking scenery and cherish the ephemeral beauty of the moment.

Moriyama Sakura Tunnel

Address: Moriyamacho Karako, Isahaya, Nagasaki

Free entry

Shirakimine Plateau

The Shirakimine Plateau, rising 330 meters above sea level, is a stunning destination graced with a blanket of approximately 100,000 rapeseed flowers in spring and about 200,000 cosmos flowers in autumn. On days of clear skies, visitors are treated to breathtaking panoramas of the Isahaya Plains, Mt. Unzen, and the Ariake Sea. Having visited a few times myself, I can attest to its enduring beauty. Upon entering, Sakura trees line the left side, adding to the picturesque scenery. Additionally, the presence of cabins offers the opportunity for camping, although I have yet to try it myself. Nevertheless, it remains an exceptionally beautiful place worth exploring time and again.

This photo was taken in autumn.
How lovely!
This one was taken in Spring.
On a misty Spring day, I strolled up the gentle incline and stumbled upon a breathtaking sight – the Sakura trees were in full bloom, flaunting their pink and white blossoms with pride.

Address: 828-1, Shirakimine Town, Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture, 859-0307

Free entry

Omura Park

Omura Park offers more than just cherry blossoms; it boasts a diverse array of flowers throughout the year. In the summer, the park bursts to life with the blooming of 300,000 irises, while spring welcomes the enchanting sight of 300 cherry trees in full blossom. Built upon the moat of the former Kushima Castle, a stroll through the park not only offers the beauty of cherry blossoms but also provides a journey through history. Venture into the moat, and you’ll find yourself transported to the past. Continuing your exploration, you’ll encounter a shrine adorned with torii gates, reminiscent of Kyoto’s iconic landmarks, inviting you to immerse yourself in the serene ambiance of ancient Japan.

I have no photo from when we went there last 2019. I’ll add one once I get to go there again. Here’s a screenshot instead from people who visited the area.

credits to all the owners of the photos

Address: 856-0834 1-45 Kushima, Omura City, Nagasaki Prefecture

Free entry

Nagasaki Higashi Park

Spring 2019

Nagasaki Higashi Park offers a blend of recreational activities for all ages, featuring sports fields for baseball, soccer, and more, alongside a dedicated track for running and leisurely strolls. The swimming facility adds to the array of options for active pursuits. However, come springtime, the park transforms into a haven of cherry blossoms, drawing visitors to indulge in the timeless tradition of picnicking beneath the delicate pink blooms. With meticulously manicured grassy grounds, it provides an idyllic setting for a leisurely picnic. Moreover, the charming walkway, adorned with cherry trees and dotted with benches, offers a serene ambiance for quiet reflection and appreciation of nature’s beauty. Personally, I find this park to be an absolute gem, offering something special for everyone to enjoy.

I wrote about this park a couple of years ago, please click here for more photos

Address: 194-7 Toishimachi, Nagasaki, 851-0113

Free entry

Hachiro River

The Hachiro River, in Yagamimachi, is a big, beautiful spot with cherry blossom trees lining its banks. When they’re in full bloom, it’s like stepping into a pink wonderland! You’ll see Sakura petals floating on the water, making it look so pretty. At night, the river lights up, making it perfect for a lovely stroll with your loved ones or even just by yourself.

Hachirogawa at night

As of this writing, the cherry trees in Nagasaki are not yet in full bloom. While there are a few sprouts, the majority have not reached their peak. I’m not certain about other areas, but in my neighborhood, the cherry blossoms are still on their way to full bloom.

P.S. These areas are a short drive from the city center, and I’m certain that parks within the city also boast cherry blossoms. It might be worth exploring them too!

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