Bike Rides, Picnic, Good Book— Sunday in Japan

Today was an absolute blast from start to finish! It marked my first-ever bike ride in Japan, and boy, was it a memorable one. My husband usually frets about bike safety, so getting him on board for this adventure was a feat in itself. But once he saw how excited I was, he couldn’t say no to a spin around the lake in Nagasaki.

ready for a wonderful bike adventure

As soon as we arrived, we set up camp under a gorgeous Sakura tree, its blossoms still there, though mostly were leaves. But our plans for a leisurely day of reading took an unexpected turn when I spotted others biking around. Suddenly struck with the urge to join in, I convinced my husband to give it a shot. After a bit of persuading and a well-timed siesta, he finally caved, and off we went

the smile of a happy kid
stopping for the beautiful views

Renting bikes for just 300 yen each, we set off on our adventure, soaking in the stunning scenery and snapping photos along the way. It had been ages since I’d last ridden a bike, but my enthusiasm outweighed any concerns. And despite a few uphill struggles (and a fair amount of laughter), the experience was nothing short of magical.

pretty flowers
sakura and the lake

After our ride, we kicked back in our outdoor chairs, basking in the tranquil atmosphere beneath the Sakura tree. It felt like something straight out of a Ghibli film – serene, picturesque, and utterly enchanting.

reading time
relaxing under the trees

So, how about your Sunday?

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