So How Do Japanese Husbands Treat Their Wives In Japan?

To begin, I won’t generalize the experiences of every housewife in Japan because I can’t speak to how each husband treats his wife. Instead, I’ll focus on my own marriage. While I’ve heard plenty about marital dynamics in Japan, such as the stereotype that Japanese husbands don’t pitch in with household chores, my perspective isContinue reading “So How Do Japanese Husbands Treat Their Wives In Japan?”

Reflecting on Scenic Train Rides and Inner Musings

Train rides, especially longer ones, allow us to be imaginative with our thoughts. Sitting comfortably in your seat while watching the views outside as the train glides along the tracks past scenic landscapes is a perfect time for introspection if not a mundane one. Yesterday, I embarked on an extensive train journey, spanning from TokyoContinue reading “Reflecting on Scenic Train Rides and Inner Musings”

Why I Fell For Japan

How time flies! It has been about a year now since I arrived here in Japan. I would say that Japan is such a country worthy of my respect. Why? 1. Clean. Most places are clean. Believe it or not, your shoes won’t get so much dirt no matter how long you walk. 2. Convenient.Continue reading “Why I Fell For Japan”