My First Snowfall

The fact that I hail from the Philippines which is a tropical country is a valid reason why I looked forward to seeing or experiencing the snow. They said that it rarely snows in Tokyo. Hence, my friend and I planned of going to Nagano Prefecture which is just a Shinkansen away from Tokyo. We’reContinue reading “My First Snowfall”

Passport Renewal: A Guide For Filipinos in Japan

Are you a gaijin in Japan and your passport is expiring soon? I’ll be sharing with you my personal experience when I went to the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo for my passport renewal last January 12, 2018. This might help you somehow. Necessary Requirements for Passport Renewal in Japan 1. Personal Appearance No sleeveless. NoContinue reading “Passport Renewal: A Guide For Filipinos in Japan”

Basic (Nihongo) Useful Expressions When You Visit Japan

We all have the same problem when planning to visit a foreign country. The language! Don’t fret. I’ve got you covered. I am not an advanced learner though but living in Japan for about a year has taught me a lot of things and learning basic Nihongo is one of them. 1. すみません (Sumimasen.) ExcuseContinue reading “Basic (Nihongo) Useful Expressions When You Visit Japan”