Rikugien Garden in Summer—What to See?

Nestled in the middle of the busy metropolitan of Tokyo is the Rikugien Garden. What to see? Landscapes, giant sturdy trees, tiny mushrooms, insects, paths, streams, a lake, turtles, carps or koi, bugs and the like. It seems like a mini jungle with an oasis of serenity right in the center of it. The landscapes are what you need if you want a break from the busy people and streets in Tokyo. I myself is a nature lover and this kind of place calms my troubled thoughts. As I entered the place, I was welcomed by the sound of crickets and the green foliage that made me feel at home. This is honestly one of the best things I like about Japan, the zen gardens. Not only will it give you peace of mind but also a sense of fairytale magic spell. There’s no perfect word to describe the emotion I felt yesterday. You will understand why by scrolling down.🍀Togetsukyo Bridge.🍃It’s summer hence there weren’t that many flowers in the garden. Nevertheless, the greenery sufficed my thirst for Zen. The snow, sakura and the foliage of autumn certainly adds a striking feeling to this place so we had better givethis beautiful site a visit during these seasons. Don’t forget your camera but most of all, take time to sit on a bench and savor the tranquility. Give this place some love!🍀🍁🌸🌻


6 minutes away from Ikebukuro via JR Yamanote Line
2 stations away from Ikebukuro
10-minute walk away from Komagome Station
admission fee for an adult is 300円

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