WiFi for Rent in Thailand: Smile WiFi Rental

Technology has dramatically changed over the years. High-end mobile devices are commonly used by consumers or users anywhere in the world. Let’s say you may be on the top of a mountain or a submarine and yet you’re connected to a Wireless connection. Cool! We all wanna be connected to the internet and share to the world our experience. Travelling abroad is one of the nice experiences that you definitely would wanna share to inspire. But how can you do that? Yes, you need the INTERNET.

Let’s Learn Japanese: Numbers in Kanji

Learning Nihongo 日本語 is one of the most difficult things that I did and is still doing. There are many exceptions to the rules as well with their way of writing which makes me dizzy literally. But since I worked in Japan and had to interact with the Japanese staff in Nihongo, we had to take Nihongo lessons in the office.

3 Great Places to See Autumn Leaves in Japan

Autumn has arrived. Autumn hues are everywhere. It could be just outside your house or a nearby park. It would be a shame to miss the chance of seeing the best spots for Koyo or autumn palettes especially if you’re in Japan perhaps as a residence or a tourist. I lived in Japan for about a year which means I could recommend places to see the autumn foliage. Autumn in Japan is undoubtedly resplendent and so don’t miss it for goodness sake.