Ayutthaya Historical Park’s Facts

I’m not a History buff. In fact I dislike our History class especially those times when we’re asked to memorize the dates significant to the historical events. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t unruly back when I was just a student. I simply loathe memorizing the numbers. It’s not my forte. Now that I’m an adult though, the tables are turned.

Registration of Marriage in Japan

Japanese nationals are given a legal obligation which is to submit a report of marriage to the city hall of their place of residence in Japan or Consulate of Japan in the Philippines within three months after getting married to a Filipino national

Delicious Thai Cuisine

Tom Yum Goong! Needless to say, Thailand has their signature cuisine that foreigners like me would love to try. Why do you travel? The answer to that question and to your growling stomach is food.