Let’s Learn Japanese: Numbers in Kanji

Learning Nihongo 日本語 is one of the most difficult things that I did and is still doing. There are many exceptions to the rules which make me dizzy literally. But since I worked in Japan and had to interact with the Japanese staff in Nihongo, I had to take Nihongo lessons in the office together with my former colleagues. I learned many things but I’m still a beginner myself! I can’t even write those Kanji 漢字 characters with ease, except for a few. Believe me, this is a tough job. I can familiarize the characters by looking at it. I can type and identify  the correct character but if you ask me to write them using a pen, I certainly am not confident. Kanji is a complicated thing. (Pause) Ok. Enough with the negativity. It only matters if you aren’t eager or not passionate. If you love doing it, it won’t be a fuss. First things first, start with the basics. After the easy part, move on to the next level.

To start off, let’s learn the kanji of numbers 1-10. Basics!

Numbers 1-10 in Kanji

一       1
二       2
三       3
四       4
五       5
六       6
七       7
八       8
九       9
十      10

How to write Kanji properly?

1. Left. Top. Right. Inner. Bottom.

2. Always start from the left. Top left not from the lower left.

3. Start from the first line. Left to the right. Repeat three times for the number 3.

There you go! Next time let’s learn about Days of the Week. P.S. I’m no expert. I still ask my husband to help me with my Nihongo journey. I might live in Japan in the near future so I’m still trying my best here. I guess retention is better when I share what I’ve learned or will be learning. Hence this post and the previous one a few months ago. Good luck to us!🤞🏼

Let me know if you know something that I don’t.

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