Certificate of Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage Application Between Japanese and Filipino Nationals

If a Japanese national wants to marry a Filipino national, he needs to undergo the process of acquiring some documents needed. There are four steps to follow for the procedures and acquiring documents related to the process.

Registration of Marriage in Japan

Japanese nationals are given a legal obligation which is to submit a report of marriage to the city hall of their place of residence in Japan or Consulate of Japan in the Philippines within three months after getting married to a Filipino national

Do Filipinos Need a Visa to Thailand as a Tourist?

Visa for Filipinos is a snag whenever we have plans to travel outside the Philippines. Our passport isn’t considered strong. While that’s the case, we shouldn’t let it hinder us from exploring the world. There’s a lot to discover out there so please pack your bags and be brave. Do Filipinos Need a Visa toContinue reading “Do Filipinos Need a Visa to Thailand as a Tourist?”