Sirao Flower Gardens

Nestled in Sirao Cebu and about an hour ride from the metro are the two flower gardens considered as tourist spots. If you need a break from the hustle and bustle of the city, head to these gardens located in the mountains of Cebu. Expect a variety of blossoms with a backdrop of the mountains that will definitely perk you up.

Beach Buggy Adventure in Cebu

While I’m a little scaredy-cat in terms of extreme sports, it doesn’t mean I won’t try. Driving a buggy for others might not be an extreme activity to do but for me it is.

~Scuba Diving in Bohol~

  My second visit to Bohol was undoubtedly a remarkable one. Unlike my first visit, I spent it with some sea activities. Let me start off by sharing about scuba diving. As what I mentioned on my last post, I missed it due to my tooth extraction. That being said, I can only show youContinue reading “~Scuba Diving in Bohol~”