Ueno Zoo: Travel Information

My colleagues and I ventured on a day trip in Ueno during the first week of June. As a new resident in Japan, challenges like the means of transportation is the hardest nut to crack. So, how do we nailed the trip?

Basic Travel Info:

Means of Transportation: JR Yamanote Line

Route: Ikebukuro~Ueno

I recommend using Navitime app.

Stations: 9 stations total

Travel Time: around 16 mins

Fare: One way~¥170

Zoo’s Information

Admission Fee: 

  • ¥600 for general visitors
  •  ¥300  for seniors older than 65,
  •  ¥200 for junior high school students 
  •  free for children


9-83 Ueno Koen, Taito Ward, Tokyo


9:30 to 17:00 

About Ueno Zoo: [Facts and My Point of View]

Ueno Zoo is the oldest and the first zoo ever built in Japan. Opened in 1882. It is divided into the eastern and western parts. Animals kept in the  western part are giraffes, hippopotamuses, zebras, penguins, crocodiles, primates, rare species of birds and amphibian reptiles. While the eastern part houses a gorilla, a tiger, elephants, bears, seals and pandas which I missed to see. Shame on me! I supposed to see the pandas but I decided to do it before going home since there won’t be long queues. Well, it slipped my mind.

Aside from the animals the zoo has, there are other things that your eyes can feast upon. Nature! Can you believe that? In the middle of the city there lies a wide pond with lotus plants peacefully floating on it. If you get tired of walking around the zoo, you can take a sit on a bench and breathe in fresh air while enjoying the view of the pond with a peek of Tokyo Skytree. Not only that, if you’re looking for historical structures , a pagoda (Kan’ei-ji Temple) is waiting for you. It is said to be rebuilt in 1639. Of course, the zoo is very big and you definitely get hangry I mean hungry. Worry not, there are canopies where you can munch your food. There are restaurants and mini food stalls if you decide not to bring bento. Take a look at the photos I took during my trip.


A museum on the way to the zoo. Note: Different museums surround the area. Sidetrips are recommended.
A great way of relaxing while watching the dancing fountain.:)

Right at the back is a national museum.^_^


Entrance of the zoo.


These cheerful flowers welcomed me.
The five-storey pagoda of the old Kan’ei-ji Temple.

This tiger is huge!🐅



Sleeping polar bear.

He looks sad.


These monkeys must be thinking something fathomless.
These little creatures look so mischievous. Hehe.

A peek of the Tokyo Skytree.

Correct me if I’m wrong but it resembles the baobabs in the book ‘The Little Prince’.

The clever fox is sleeping right over there.

To be honest, I have never thought there’s such a thing as these colourful birds. Then I found out they’re flamingoes.

His name is Okapi.



This is one of the rare species of frogs. I saw other frogs of different colors. They look amazing!

Whata big turtle!🐢

See you later, alligator!


These are just a few of the animals in the zoo. There are more so see it in your own eyes. Have a great adventure on your holidays!


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