Where To Shop In Japan Without Breaking The Bank

Two months had passed since I arrived in Japan. Unlike the first week of being here when I had no idea where to buy clothes, cheaper clothes but yet with high quality, this time I can recommend you the shops that don’t require a lot of money to purchase new nice clothes and shoes.

1. GU

It’s a stone’s throw away from where I live in Ikebukuro. Located near Ikebukuro Station. The prices of the clothes are not that painful. As you know, Japan’s cost of living is high. So, I always look for the affordable shops. Eureka! I found it! I happen to pass by this place from work. To my curiosity, I went inside and checked the clothes. And was happy to see the prices. I found 990円, 1,400円 and surprisingly 320円 for some items on sale. Compared to the shops I’ve been to, GU offers cheaper goods. I have already bought a lot and I don’t have any complaints. Definitely something to recommend.


Here are some of the things I bought:


Comfy shoes for strolling around. 1900円.





Shoes for work? Got mine for 1900円.



2. Uniqlo

As a Filipino, Uniqlo for me is expensive. That was my perspective back in the Philippines. But I think it is not that expensive here in Japan. It’s quite similar as GU. Good quality with affordable prices.


My denim jacket is from Uniqlo. Worth about 2000円. The quality is just flawless.




3. Forever21

I haven’t bought anything from Forever21 but I checked the shop when I went to Shibuya. And I saw 1000円, 1500円, 3000円 and a bit higher than that. Which isn’t bad because it’s a known international brand. I’ll buy something there if I have time to go and shop.



4. H&M

I have never visited the branches of H&M here in Japan. But my colleagues said it’s not that expensive. Closely similar to Forever21. I saw one in Harajuku but didn’t have the chance to visit. Next time.


For the meantime, only four shops. Maybe I’ll find more that are worth your money and time.👀

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  1. Kaz says:

    Your sense is already Japanese one now because you realized Uniqlo is a cheap brand. You must like 100 yen shop.:)

    1. Bethy says:

      I’ve been to the 100円 shop a lot of times!

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