Residence Card Renewal in Japan or Extension of Stay

What is a Residence Card?

To put it simply, your Residence Card is proof of your visa in Japan. It’s the card issued upon arriving at the airport with personal details in it.

Happy New Year, everyone! I hope you started the year with a grateful heart despite what has been happening in the world.

The start of a new year also means the time I have to renew my residence card for an extension of my stay in Japan. This year is the second time that I experienced renewing my residence card. Given the situation right now, going to the embassy or immigration is such a hassle, and unsafe too, right? We should avoid crowded places as much as possible for everyone’s safety. In this regard, hiring someone to handle everything for you is deemed significant.

In my case, my husband asked a Scrivener to do it for us. I’m aware that hiring one is costly. The truth is, I convinced my husband to process the documents on our own. But I’m the one who’s convinced by him.

Why is hiring a Scrivener significant?

You’re probably aware that processing documents related to biracial marriages such as visa extension, residence card renewal, and the like, occasionally doesn’t go well. Problems like the lack of proof hinder the process. As per my husband, a Scrivener helps us prevent these problems from existing. And so, we hired one. Aside from the cost, I have no other complaints.

I understand that for some of you, this might not be the best way. But in my honest opinion, if there’s no immigration office in your prefecture, this is worth it.

Requirements for the Residence Card Renewal

  • passport
  • photo (one photo that’s taken within three months prior to submission)

You can take the photo in a photo booth that you see around your area. Choose the zairyu card package.

  • current residence card
  • health insurance card
  • application form
  • guarantor’s bank statement

I have to say I can’t give you the specific details of the process if you decide to go to the Immigration office. As I’ve mentioned, I’ve never done that.

How long does it take for the residence card renewal?

Normally, two weeks to one month. As for me, if my memory serves me right, I waited less than a month.

Also, while waiting for it, I received a call from an Immigration officer asking me for details about my life in Japan. I’ve heard it’s like a background check to substantiate that your marriage isn’t a sham.

At the time, I was nervous because I wasn’t able to answer his questions properly due to the language barrier. But thankfully, despite that, they still granted me the extension of stay as my residence card was renewed. Imagine my relief. Hopefully, this year too.


My residence card has been renewed and it’s extended for three years. And I only waited for a week. God is great!

Check this link out for more information about the Residence Card renewal process.

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