Must-Visit Temples in Bangkok

Thailand is rich in history, and tradition is well-valued. What’s more, it is the home of the most exquisite temples my eyes had ever laid upon. According to the grab driver whom we met in Bangkok, there were a whole bunch of temples in Thailand. But if you are only planning of visiting the metropolis, here are the must-visit temples in Bangkok.

Do Filipinos Need a Visa to Thailand as a Tourist?

Visa requirements can be a hurdle for Filipino travelers with a passport that may not be among the strongest, but it should never deter us from exploring the world. The globe is full of wonders waiting to be discovered, so let’s pack our bags and embark on adventures. Do Filipinos Need a Visa to ThailandContinue reading “Do Filipinos Need a Visa to Thailand as a Tourist?”

Beach Buggy Adventure in Cebu

While I’m a little scaredy-cat in terms of extreme sports, it doesn’t mean I won’t try. Driving a buggy for others might not be an extreme activity to do but for me it is.