Kawazuzakura: I Wouldn’t Miss It for the World🌸

I think the fairies have come and painted all the flowers. That’s what I thought when I stood in awe of how beautiful the scenery was in front of me. It’s still a mystery to me how in the world flowers shoot forth first than leaves. I guess botanists could explain that but I’d preferContinue reading “Kawazuzakura: I Wouldn’t Miss It for the World🌸”

Passport Renewal: A Guide For Filipinos in Japan

Are you a gaijin in Japan and your passport is expiring soon? I’ll be sharing with you my personal experience when I went to the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo for my passport renewal last January 12, 2018. This might help you somehow. Necessary Requirements for Passport Renewal in Japan 1. Personal Appearance No sleeveless. NoContinue reading “Passport Renewal: A Guide For Filipinos in Japan”

Tokyo Disney Sea

Konnichiwa! あけましておめでとうございます。ことしもよろしくおねがいします!I’m back from a 3-month hiatus. It’s not yet too late to greet everyone a Happy New Year, right? Winter is making me a lazy dog. I need the inspiration to write. But hey it’s better late than never so as my first blog entry for 2018, I wrote about my Tokyo Disney SeaContinue reading “Tokyo Disney Sea”