Bustling Shinjuku

April 30. 2017 Shinjuku They said that an unplanned visit is way better than a planned one. Oh boy, that was exactly what happened today! I thought I would just stay home and be a couch potato for the whole Sunday. That was when one of my colleagues asked if we want to go toContinue reading “Bustling Shinjuku”

~Scuba Diving in Bohol~

  My second visit to Bohol was undoubtedly a remarkable one. Unlike my first visit, I spent it with some sea activities. Let me start off by sharing about scuba diving. As what I mentioned on my last post, I missed it due to my tooth extraction. That being said, I can only show youContinue reading “~Scuba Diving in Bohol~”

Applying for a Tourist Visa to Japan: A Step-by-Step Guide

Planning a trip to Japan as a tourist and feeling uncertain about securing a tourist visa? Worry not! Here are some valuable tips based on personal experience to guide you through the process. Requirements: Things to remember Sponsored visa I traveled to Japan as a tourist with a guarantor, my boyfriend. He had been workingContinue reading “Applying for a Tourist Visa to Japan: A Step-by-Step Guide”