Passport Renewal: A Guide For Filipinos in Japan

Are you a gaijin in Japan and your passport is expiring soon? I’ll be sharing with you my personal experience when I went to the Philippine Embassy in Tokyo for my passport renewal last January 12, 2018. This might help you somehow. Necessary Requirements for Passport Renewal in Japan 1. Personal Appearance No sleeveless. NoContinue reading “Passport Renewal: A Guide For Filipinos in Japan”

Rikugien Garden in Summer—What to See?

Nestled in the middle of the busy metropolitan of Tokyo is the Rikugien Garden. What to see? Landscapes, giant sturdy trees, tiny mushrooms, insects, paths, streams, a lake, turtles, carps or koi, bugs and the like. It seems like a mini jungle with an oasis of serenity right in the center of it. The landscapesContinue reading “Rikugien Garden in Summer—What to See?”

Unboxing: Canon EOS Kiss X7 [White]

I am no pro at photography. My birthday is in November which is three months from now. But yesterday, I got my advanced birthday present from my fiancé. He is my number one supporter at anything especially my passion in photography. I did not ask him to buy one for me because I already haveContinue reading “Unboxing: Canon EOS Kiss X7 [White]”