A Homely Stay at Takenokurasansou Ryokan in Aso, Kumamoto

Tucked away amidst the idyllic landscapes of Aso, Kumamoto, Takenokurasansou Ryokan promises not only serene mountain vistas but also an authentic taste of traditional Japanese hospitality. Come, let’s explore the tranquil retreat that was our home away from home for three days and two nights. Scenic Location Tucked by the roadside, Takenokurasansou Ryokan provides easyContinue reading “A Homely Stay at Takenokurasansou Ryokan in Aso, Kumamoto”

Shinagawa Prince Hotel Review

Tokyo welcomed us with open arms, and our journey was made seamless by the harmonious blend of countless conveniences. Chief among them was the remarkable choice of our stay, the great Shinagawa Prince Hotel. Allow us to unveil the reasons behind our enthusiastic recommendation. Location This hotel is situated just a stone’s throw away fromContinue reading “Shinagawa Prince Hotel Review”

AVANI Riverside Hotel Bangkok Review

One of the things we consider when traveling is the accommodation. Sometimes, we based it on our budget. Sometimes, we don’t care the cost as long as it gives us comfort.