Hotel Mystays Fukuoka Tenjin Minami Review

Hey there! If you’re looking for some useful insights to help you find a great hotel, I’m happy to lend a hand. I recently stayed at Hotel Mystays Fukuoka Tenjin Minami and I’d love to share my experience with you. Hopefully, my review will make your hotel search a little easier!


Nestled in the heart of the Tenjin area, specifically in Haruyoshi, Hotel Mystays enjoys a convenient location right next to Best Western Plus– where I recently had the pleasure of staying and sharing my thoughts in a review.

From the station

It takes approximately ten minutes on foot to reach Tenjin Station. Notably, accessing the subway is conveniently streamlined – you don’t have to navigate to the main entrance of the station building. Instead, there are strategically located staircases, providing quicker access to the underground subway stations from points closer than the main building of the station.


As my husband and I were making our way to our designated room, I was surprised when I stepped out of the elevator and found myself outside once again. The hotel’s architecture resembled that of Japanese mansions, where the doors are located outside. As a result, the floor was dirty due to the rain and dust that had made its way inside.

The room we stayed in was a typical business hotel in Japan. Although we had the freedom to move around, large luggage could potentially block the way. As we turned on the lights, I was a little dismayed by what I saw. I’m used to clean accommodations in Japan, even in the case of older hotels or traditional inns. Unfortunately, this room didn’t seem to fit that expectation. The walls had dirt marks, especially on the lower portion, the air purifier was dirty too, and the table showed signs of the surface peeling off, like wet tree bark. Or was it just the design and texture? Thankfully, the bathroom was very clean, which was a relief. There were some good points to the room, such as the complete toiletries, mini fridge, kettle, cables for gadgets, two chairs, a small table, a safe, and a TV. However, the TV was small, like that of an old computer monitor, but flat.

But, hey, it’s not that bad, right? It’s affordable, so it’s just okay.


It was at 4,000 yen per night for one guest.



I gave it a 6. Although not the cleanest, we had no issues with facilities or noise. Would I recommend it?

I would still recommend it. Just don’t get your hopes up. While the condition of the room might vary, it could even be better than ours. The hotel also has a restaurant, although I haven’t tried it yet. I thought it would be useful to mention in case you decide to stay there and are interested in their breakfast options

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