Logicool Wireless Mouse m235

 Few months ago, our American manager taught me an editing app similar to Photoshop. Editing skill is one of the handy points in my job thus I was taught that. It was a complicated task for me since I’m bad at remembering small details. But don’t get me wrong, I am very much into thisContinue reading “Logicool Wireless Mouse m235”

Unboxing: Canon EOS Kiss X7 [White]

I am no pro at photography. My birthday is in November which is three months from now. But yesterday, I got my advanced birthday present from my fiancé. He is my number one supporter at anything especially my passion in photography. I did not ask him to buy one for me because I already haveContinue reading “Unboxing: Canon EOS Kiss X7 [White]”

Where To Shop In Japan Without Breaking The Bank

Two months had passed since I arrived in Japan. Unlike the first week of being here when I had no idea where to buy clothes, cheaper clothes but yet with high quality, this time I can recommend you the shops that don’t require a lot of money to purchase new nice clothes and shoes. 1.Continue reading “Where To Shop In Japan Without Breaking The Bank”