The Truth: Him

There are times when my inner demons drag me down into the unknown darkness. The kind of darkness so dark I can see nothing. A place where I have no one else to turn to, where my sanity betrays me, where sadness stands proud because he thinks he’s winning. Do you ever wonder how I come out from that unknown? How I vanquish the monster in my head?

The truth is, I call Him. I call God.

Even when my silent cry chokes me up and words don’t come out from my mouth, He still hears me. That’s the truth, He always does.

Indeed, tears travel. Indeed, God listens. He listens closely. I can attest to that because He never fails. He rescues me, every time. And in those times, His welcoming hands and reassuring smile bring forth a ray of hope. His hug is like a soft pillow that lulls me into good sleep at night. It takes my worries away.

I am truly blessed. For despite my frailties, God has never left me. He assures me that He’ll be there by my side no matter what and that I can always rely on Him. It is why I am grateful beyond compare.

Thank you, God. Always. – From Beth

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