Amazon Prime Japan: A Review

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Amazon Prime. Does it ring a bell? Well, AMAZON does to me. But Amazon Prime? I had no idea about it. We subscribed to Netflix to watch movies and series back in the Philippines which by the way was taken for granted by me. My husband paid monthly yet I only watched a couple of times. Only the series and movies that caught my eyes. Eventually, we canceled the subscription. Fast forward to Japan, my husband introduced me to Hulu and Amazon Prime. At first, we had Hulu for the trial period but decided not to go with it. All because of Amazon Prime Japan.

Amazon Prime Japan Services

Amazon Video

Let me get this straight. With regards to movies, Netflix is way better because they’re free. In Amazon Prime, some movies need to be bought or rented. What I’m pleased about are the movies that are offered in both dubbed and subtitled versions. You get to choose the one that suits you best. Likewise, just like Netflix, they have their exclusive works or the originals.

Amazon Music

This is a handy feature. Create your playlist based on your moods. Listen to the songs for free and play that playlist when you’re on a road trip. We have ours because why not?

Amazon Prime Japan Online Shopping

For us who rely on Amazon most of the time. These are the reasons why we ended up with Amazon Prime.

  • Free delivery
  • Fastest delivery
  • Prime members can avail discounts

YEP. Big check ✔️.

Amazon Fresh

Let’s admit it. We all have our moments when we’re just too lazy to buy the groceries from the supermarket. Finally, Amazon Prime Japan got our backs. This just started last April 2017. With this service, you can have them delivered to your doorsteps. But only limited to members in Tokyo and Kanagawa.

Online Storage Prime Photo

Do you take a lot of photos and want to keep them but your phone is full? Prime Photo is actually good to back up the photos on your phone and computer. Thanks to the unlimited size online storage. Now, I’m ready to delete the photos stored on my phone.

Other Services

If we’re in the same boat, you’ll understand when I say that little things are of so much worth. Such as the ones below.

  1. Kindle. Get a 4000円 discount if you purchase one.
  2. You get a free Kindle book monthly.
  3. For Amazon Master Card users, you get to double your points on every purchase.
  4. Family members can join free of charge.
  5. Amazon Prime members can avail discounts for online shopping. Take note: only from Amazon.

Annual Fee for Amazon Prime

To begin with, Amazon Prime doesn’t have a monthly subscription method. They have the annual subscription instead which costs 3,900円. Paying for only this despite the good services offered is a no-brainer. It’s safe to say that if you’re looking for convenience, this is what you need.

Are you an Amazon Prime member? If so, what differences does it make in your life?

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