Shinagawa Prince Hotel Review

Tokyo welcomed us with open arms, and our journey was made seamless by the harmonious blend of countless conveniences. Chief among them was the remarkable choice of our stay, the great Shinagawa Prince Hotel. Allow us to unveil the reasons behind our enthusiastic recommendation. Location This hotel is situated just a stone’s throw away fromContinue reading “Shinagawa Prince Hotel Review”

An Unforgettable Milestone: The Day I Secured My Permanent Visa in Japan

The memory of securing my permanent residency in Japan shines brightly among the array of unforgettable milestones in my life, a radiant gem I’ll forever hold close. Its occurrence in November, a few weeks ahead of my birthday brings an additional depth of meaning that echoes the blessings I’ve received. Interestingly, obtaining this highly sought-afterContinue reading “An Unforgettable Milestone: The Day I Secured My Permanent Visa in Japan”

Tokyo Disneyland 2023: Tips and Personal Experience

On August 25th of last week, we visited Tokyo Disneyland. Despite the scorching heat, what lingers most vividly in my memories is the sheer joy we experienced. While the heat was certainly noticeable, it seemed to fade into the background as the excitement and fun captured the spotlight. Oddly enough, my Minnie headband might haveContinue reading “Tokyo Disneyland 2023: Tips and Personal Experience”