A Night Of Unhurried Conversations With Family Over Omakase Dinner

Are you familiar with the term ‘omakase’? Whether you’re already acquainted with it or not, allow me to provide a concise definition of this fascinating word. Omakase is a Japanese term that translates to ‘I’ll leave it up to you.’ In a dining context, it refers to a meal where the chef chooses the dishesContinue reading “A Night Of Unhurried Conversations With Family Over Omakase Dinner”


Exploring the stark differences between expectations and reality in Japan became an intriguing topic when suggested by a former colleague. However, as someone who has lived in Japan for several years, I’ve grown accustomed to the exquisiteness of life here, making it a bit challenging to revisit my initial expectations. Despite the challenge, let’s delveContinue reading “JAPAN: EXPECTATION VS REALITY”

Admiring Japan, Part 2: Unveiling More Wonders

In the first part of this series, we journeyed through Japan and explored some of the aspects that make this country truly admiring and remarkable. From punctuality to the warm embrace of ‘omotenashi,’ we began to scratch the surface of the countless reasons to admire Japan.