Discover Nodake Lake Park In Nagasaki

The sole purpose of the construction of Nodake Lake Park was to avoid water disruption when the drought came. Clearly, this is a man-made lake. It is situated in the mountains of Omura that was built during the Edo period. Being it man-made made me think about the huge amount of money spent, the skilled and the brilliant minds who contributed to its success.

What to see in Nodake Lake Park


This is just one of the things your child would definitely enjoy in the park. They designed this zip line for kids so you can see it’s not really high. I’m not a kid but I wouldn’t just let this chance slip away. The fun was incomparable.

Cycling tracks

This long road leads you around the park. On summer days, the heat of the sun is unforgiving but the shade of these trees is a savior.

Camping and Barbeque

Camping in Nodake Lake Park is complete with amenities. From bungalows, cabin, fireplace, and restrooms. Please check out this website for detailed information about the camping and rental fee.

We went there not for camping so I couldn't share to you the very detail about camping.
We went there not for camping so I couldn’t share to you the very detail about camping.


To connect each side of the park, they built a bridge. A bridge that makes for a nice view.

The Nodake Lake

The lake itself is the main attraction. For us who went there to see the magnificent place, we weren’t denied seeing what we ought to see.

Restaurants and Vending Machines

Japan lives up to its name as a convenient country. Wherever you go, a vending machine is always within your reach. This park may be far from the city and less crowded that a vending machine is unexpected but you’ll be surprised to see one or two. I supposed they made them available because outdoor activities were provided. A restaurant is also near the parking area for people to grab something to eat.

What else can you do?

Families that we saw there brought their camping gears and had picnics with their kids. Some had a great time cycling. There were a couple of women who jogged and strolled around the lake. On the other hand, my husband and I walked around the lake stopping at times to take a couple of pictures. I would say we burnt a lot of calories because of the long walk. However, this isn’t a complaint. In fact, this is good for a healthy lifestyle. This doesn’t feel a task because you’re taking a walk around the lush greenery and serene lake.

The best part of the day was when we reached the corner with benches seated alongside the lake. It was perfect for meditation. We sat there for a while and listened to the sounds of nature, the cricket on a summer day, the whistling wind, the rustling of the leaves and the gentle sound of the water. I am not laying it on too thick. I am simply stating the truth.

A long drive to the lake was worth my while. It was another hidden gem that I discovered. I wonder what else Nagasaki has in store. I cannot wait for more travel to new places and roads less traveled.

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