Recommended Japanese Eats

Are you a foodie and would love to try various food especially Japanese food? As a Filipino, they taste foreign to me. Nonetheless, they taste more than fine. Surpassed my expectations! Here are some I would recommend you to try.

 1. Ramen

Very famous Japanese food. It comes with different kinds of soup such as shoyu, salt, tonkotsu [pork bone] and miso. This one in the photo is tonkotsu which is my favourite. The taste is thick and of course you can savour the pork taste.


[boiled eggs, daikon, konjac, and processed fishcakes stewed in a light, soy-flavored dashi broth] 

Note: Ingredients may vary according to the region. I first tasted it in Osaka. It was autumn and this food was perfect for that chilly night. I immediately liked it!

3. Takoyaki

Tako means octopus and inside it is a slice of a tako. It has been said that it’s a pride of Osaka. So, I didn’t miss it when we were in Dotonbori.

4. Sushi

Ah! One of my palate’s best friends. I simply love sushi. I like the raw seafood on top of the rice. By the way, let me tell you a secret, I can tolerate the taste of wasabi. I like it when there’s much in the sauce. Not all women can stand the taste so I’m proud of it. And it’s not a secret anymore.😀

5. Sashimi

As I said, I like raw sea food. Hence, sashimi makes my mouth water. This photo was taken during the birthday of my boyfriend’s mother. We went to a hotel and ate a lot. My taste buds smiled that night.

6. Omurice

[omelette and rice]

 Rice and egg with a Japanese sauce or ketchup. I like it but it’s too much for me. Hehe.

7. Kaki fry

[breaded and deep fried oysters]

Oysters, anyone? The milky sauce is my bet. A bit expensive though. Not a bad idea to eat this  once in a while.


8. Katsudon

[deep-fried pork cutlet, egg, vegetables, and condiments]

Don means bowl. Katsu means pork. You got it right! This is a bowl of rice topped with pork cutlets. A must try. I forgot how it tasted but I’m pretty sure it’s love.

9. Maze soba

Frankly speaking, I won’t go for noodles if there are other choices of food. However, there are exceptions. That depends on the kinds of noodles. I like it thinner. I eat ramen. I love ramen, somen, etc. What makes my tummy smile is the thin noodles and the soup. I like this soba because of the beansprout, the juicy look and the heavenly taste.  

10. Okonomiyaki

Another pride of Osaka! I was surprised when I saw the okonomiyaki served like this. In Cebu, it’s like a hot cake. Served in big circles. Anyhow, I love how nice and tasty they were served in Dotonbori.

11. Unagi

When I was still teaching online, my students told me how expensive unagi is. Expensive yet delish! I felt fortunate to have eaten it in Kyoto. My boyfriend used to work in there and we dined in his favorite restaurant. This eel is worth your money. Grab one!


There’s more but I’ll save it for later. Happy eating!🍽







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  1. Kaz says:

    Now you have had a lot of Japanese food. Don’t forget to add Yakiniku.:D

    1. Bethy says:

      Haha! I still have a lot in my gallery. If my laziness won’t get in the way, I’ll write more. Yakiniku will be on the list.

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