Applying for Spouse Visa in Japan: A Step-by-Step Guide

A Filipino spouse of a Japanese national who will live with the husband or wife in Japan must apply a Spouse Visa for Japan Residency. This visa allows the spouse to stay longer in Japan until granted the permanent residency. If you have plans to work after you get used to the life there, the icing on the cake is you are allowed to work full time. Just so you know, another type of visa doesn’t give you this privilege. So, it definitely is a bonus.

How To Get The CFO GCP Certificate?

Guidance and Counseling Program or GCP has its main objective which is to assist the integration of the Filipinos in the host countries by counseling us about the realities of international migration and prepare us for the challenges we may face in cross-cultural marriage and migration.

Application For The Certificate Of Eligibility In Japan

The first thing to do to marry a Japanese national is to get hold of the Legal Capacity to Contract Marriage or LCCM. While to enter Japan as a resident, you need to apply for the Certificate of Eligibility in Japan. You’re on the right track if you’re here to know the application for the Certificate of Eligibility in Japan.