Amazon Prime Japan: A Review

Amazon Prime. Does it ring a bell? Well, AMAZON does to me. But Amazon Prime? I had no idea about it. We subscribed to Netflix to watch movies and series back in the Philippines which by the way was taken for granted by me.

Online Shopping in Japan Through Zara

As a Filipino in Japan who has no credit card yet and PayPal had just been set up, buying something online is a little problem (if you prefer to use your money than your husband’s). But then I found out Cash on Delivery is actually permitted. Thus, last week, I tried online shopping in Japan through ZARA.

Logicool Wireless Mouse m235

 Few months ago, our American manager taught me an editing app similar to Photoshop. Editing skill is one of the handy points in my job thus I was taught that. It was a complicated task for me since I’m bad at remembering small details. But don’t get me wrong, I am very much into thisContinue reading “Logicool Wireless Mouse m235”