Handy App For Japan Travel: NAVITIME

A month ago, my colleague and I planned to go to Kamakura, which was actually my idea, and I just wanted to tag her along. However, it was not realized until yesterday. We had more important things to do, which were mostly job-related stuff than heading out to Kamakura. Thankfully, yesterday we made it there.Continue reading “Handy App For Japan Travel: NAVITIME”

Ueno Zoo: Travel Information

My colleagues and I ventured on a day trip in Ueno during the first week of June. As a new resident in Japan, challenges like the means of transportation is the hardest nut to crack. So, how do we nailed the trip? Basic Travel Info: Means of Transportation: JR Yamanote Line Route: Ikebukuro~Ueno Stations: 9Continue reading “Ueno Zoo: Travel Information”

~Scuba Diving in Bohol~

  My second visit to Bohol was undoubtedly a remarkable one. Unlike my first visit, I spent it with some sea activities. Let me start off by sharing about scuba diving. As what I mentioned on my last post, I missed it due to my tooth extraction. That being said, I can only show youContinue reading “~Scuba Diving in Bohol~”