Expressions used before and after a meal in Japan

In my country, the Philippines, before a meal, we say a prayer of gratitude. There’s no particular wording to follow, as long as you’re able to express your gratitude to God, that will suffice. In Japan, however, they follow a few expressions used before and after eating a meal.

(Before eating)


Enunciate it like itadakimas.

Thank you for the food./ Let’s eat./

Bon appétit.(French)

Note: It’s an essential phrase as it means that you humbly acknowledge how sacred the food is.

(After eating)



Thank you for the meal! or That was a delicious meal.

Note: When you’re in a restaurant, if you say this, it means you appreciate the service and how tasty the food is. The same goes for when you’re at home, you appreciate the food and the person who cooks it.

What about in your country, how do you express your gratitude before and after a meal?

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