Weekly Photo Challenge : Focus

Tokyo, Japan June 2017

Me trying to shoot what matters.:)
Amazon’s Danbo. My fiancé gave it to me as a subject for my photography practice.💕

Last Sunday was the day God granted one of my wishes. To own a camera! People close to me know how dedicated and passionate I am in taking random photos. If I were a singer, I would express my emotions through songs. However, I don’t have that kind of special talent. Hence, I let it all out through photographs. You can see every inch of me by simply looking at my photos taken. I am elated to finally capture things with my own hands and focus what’s important about a certain subject of my lens.

Based on my photos, each focus has its hidden meaning. Would be glad if you could figure out.  

I can’t wait to capture and focus on the hidden importance and beauty of the little things under the sun.📷


  1. Kaz

    06/16/2017 at 12:02 AM

    Canon EOS is the most well-known digital single lens reflex in the world. I’m not familier with camera things too much but these pics tell me how it’s great. Enjoy taking photos.:)


    1. Bethy

      06/16/2017 at 12:32 PM

      I think Canon is a perfect choice. I’ll take more photos.:)



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