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Satisfaction: Teacher’s Happiness

Weekly Photo Challenge: Satisfaction

My heart leaped and smiled.❤️

If I am going to define satisfaction, I’d say happiness. Simple. If you’re happy with the result, it means you’re satisfied. That especially if you know you gave your best. As a teacher, there’s nothing more important than the students’ welfare. I aim what’s best for them even if it means stretching out my patience when in times of chaos. I’m not talking about something nasty here. I’m referring to chaos such as rowdiness. Kids are kids and they want to shout and misbehave all they want. But goodness, I wouldn’t deny that there were times that I lost my control and shouted at them. You have no idea how guilty I was after that. Don’t get me wrong for shouting at them. I love my students! They’re adorable little angels. They’re rude sometimes but I know they have hearts of gold. I must admit I felt bad when I couldn’t deliver my lessons well when I was just starting. I went home with a heavy heart and cried silently on my bed thinking how hard, how incapable I am as a teacher. From then on, I always do my best, flash my smile and dance like a clown for the kids. I still call out those students who misbehave though. But you know what? Today, I am happy. I am satisfied. Why? Can you see the picture? My students drew them. That’s Mayuka and I; Mizuka and I. I was moved the moment they handed it over to me. Teacher’s happiness like no other. Satisfaction defined!❤️

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